Raw Snacks Can Be So Yummy – Try This Easy Recipe


Extra Energy Orbs

You may have heard about people eating raw foods lately and wondered what sort of foods they are. We are all starting to understand and pay attention to what we put into our mouths and the effect it is having on our bodies. We are gaining more understanding about how our health and wellbeing is dependent on the quality of our food and it has long been know that healthier diets are those that include some raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

One easy way we can get these is when we eat raw snacks. Having one or two of these during the day will help us meet our nutritional needs. More and more people are switching over to a healthier more plant based diet and having raw snacks is a good way to eliminate some non-nutrient processed food and replace it with higher quality foods.

We are also hearing a lot about how carbohydrate foods are bad for us but we are only talking about empty processed foods like potato chips, candy, cookies, pastries and soda. Things with no nutrients but usually loaded with unhealthy sugars, fats, chemicals and additives and tons of empty calories. Raw snacks made with natural whole foods like nuts, seeds, coconut, dried fruits and even vegetables and not only good for you, they are vital to your health as long as they are not cooked and processed to death.

Boost your energy levels with raw snacks

You can see by the following example of how healthy sounding raw snacks like this really are. It is something that you can easily take to work or school that will give your energy levels a boost during a long day.

Extra Energy Orbs


3/4 cup any nut butter (try almond, peanut or cashew), 1/4 cup tahini (sesame seed paste), 1/2 cup sweetener (dates, raw honey or agave nectar),     1 cup sunflower seeds, 1/4 cup cocoa (or carob) powder, 1/2 -3/4 cup of shredded coconut


Place all ingredients in food processor and blend until combined but still chunky. Shape into balls of any size and roll in coconut (or cocoa powder if desired). Keep in the fridge for easy-to-grab raw snacks.

 When you eat raw snacks like the Energy Orbs you will see how delicious raw and living foods can be. There is an endless variation of healthy raw snacks recipes that not only include snacks but desserts and yummy treats like no bake cookies and cakes. Once you have tried these you will never want to go back to the cooked high fat and high sugar versions that do nothing for your health.

How you can get your own raw snacks recipes

To get 100 other recipes equally as yummy as the Energy Orbs just go back to the home page of this website where you will find my “100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats” recipe book. It is instantly downloadable so you can be making yourself or your family one of the delish raw snacks recipes from the book within 10 minutes.

 Don’t count on getting your creation in the fridge though as you will find that whoever is lucky enough to try one of your raw snacks will find it very hard to resist keeping on eating them. You might need to ration them or use them as currency to get jobs done around the house. Now there’s an idea!