Raw Food Health – Something That We Can All Benefit From


Date Nut Dream Bars

You might have heard lately about a buzz going around about a new type of diet that talks about raw food diets and raw food health. The word is that uncooked foods are the healthiest foods on the planet and that people are becoming healthier, losing weight and becoming more energetic when they eat these foods.

Raw food health means we eat more ‘living’ uncooked foods as they still have a multitude of enzymes, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals that are destroyed once food is cooked or processed.

 How you can get yourself some raw food health

The simplest way to add some more of these foods to your diet is to make raw food recipes using ingredients like nuts, seeds, coconut, vegetables and fruits (both fresh and dried). Increase your raw food health by making yummy snacks and treats to eat between meals when we would normally reach for something unhealthy to keep us going until our next meal.

As we make an effort to each more of these types of foods it is easier to cut down or eliminate those which you know are not good for you. You know the ones, with the sugar, unhealthy fats and chemicals, the ones in the pretty bags and boxes with no nutritive value whatsoever? Those empty sugary soft drinks, biscuits and baked goods, potato chips, white bread, and candy that do nothing to improve our own personal raw food health and indeed can take away from it.

Here is one of those recipes that will have you abandoning your junk food and I think you will agree just reading it makes your mouth water.

Date Nut Dream Bar

Base: 2 cups raisins, 2 cups walnuts, 1 cup shredded coconut. In a food processor, combine raisins, walnuts and coconut and blend until well blended. Remove from processor and mold onto a plate in a round circle about 1 1/2 inches thick.

Topping 1 cup dates soaked at least 30 minutes then drained, 1/2 lemon.  In a food processor, combine dates and lemon until smooth and creamy.
Spread the topping on top of the base. Sprinkle the top with roughly chopped almonds or nuts and place in fridge to firm up.

Start your raw food health journey now

So you can see eating for raw food health does not have to be boring and it does not mean having to eat foods that do not taste nice. In fact once you have eaten some of these delightful recipes you may not enjoy those junk type foods again.

If you go back to the home page on this website you will see an affordable eBook with 100 Healthy Snacks and Treats recipes that will keep you going for a very long time making all manner of healthy dishes. Your body and your children’s body’s will thank you for it as you will be eating foods that will build health not take it away. Get onboard the raw food health revolution today; you will not regret you did.