Healthy Snacks – Add Some Raw Food To Your Diet For Energy


Most of us have heard the idea that we need to add some raw food items to our daily diet. We tend to rely on the standard Western diet of processed or cooked food and one way to inject some meaningful changes to balance this is to add some healthy snacks that are not cooked and are in fact raw and living.

The advantages of living (uncooked) foods are that they still have their health giving enzymes intact and have not had nutrients destroyed by the heat from cooking. Just a couple of healthy snacks in between your main meals each day are a way of eating more raw food to improve your health.

Healthy snacks for a burst of energy

The traditional cooked diet can lead to missing nutrients that show up in the form of lack of energy. And this makes it really hard to get active and exercising if you have no energy. To be able to exercise with some intensity (effort) to improve strength and fitness plenty of energy is needed.

By adding some raw food in the form of healthy snacks this will boost your energy and you will want to be more active. It is really hard sitting around doing nothing when you are bursting with energy and you will really want to get yourself moving.

When we feel more energetic with tons of spare energy we can fill our day with lots of enjoyable activities and we don’t get as tired so quickly. Our healthy snacks will provide this energy and exercise seems easier which means you are more likely to do it. As your energy and vitality grow your strength and fitness grows with it.

Soon the range of activities you can do grows too. Go hiking, play tennis or go swimming, play golf or go on a cycle ride in a new country. Your entire world starts to get bigger and you can experience more fun. Without energy that a poor diet leaves us with our world becomes smaller as we lose our fitness and with that our desire to be active and get out amongst the world.

Something as simple of 2-3 healthy snacks each day can inject you with that ‘get up and go’ energy that some people seem to ooze and others have never had. As you become healthier you will find you experience more quality sleep and in fact need less of it. You wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

Chemical free healthy snacks

Healthy snacks can be easily made with uncooked ingredients like nuts, seeds, dates, coconut and dried fruits. When you choose recipes using these types of ingredients you do not need sugar or unhealthy fats and making them yourself means you avoid the nasty chemicals the food manufacturers use to give the food item shelf life and to put back flavor into once healthy foods stripped of their goodness and taste.

Healthy snacks made with living and raw ingredients mean time in the kitchen is reduced as they are all no bake recipes that include no bake cookies and sweet treats. Although you can pretty much eat as much as you like you will find these healthy snack recipes very filling and your sweet tooth can be satisfied with quite small quantities.

Healthy snacks made with raw ingredients are unlike empty non nutrient processed foods that never quite fill you up and leave you wanting more and more which is not good for the waistline. You kill two birds with one stone easting healthy snacks, knock your food cravings into touch and make sure your waistline stays slim and trim. Perfect, I hear you say!