Create Awesome Healthy Desserts by Choosing the Right Ingredients…


DESSERT2It’s a rare person that does not enjoy dessert…or at least sweet treats sometimes. It’s also a rare person that does not suffer the consequences of eating that “sweet treat.”

The real challenge is to take the “yuck” out of desserts and create desserts that are actually “healthy” for us. Desserts that actually contribute to our health rather than distract from it.

Is there such a thing? Absolutely.

It’s all about the ingredients you use. Your ingredients are contributing texture and flavor with added nutrient value, or adding wasted dead calories with little if any nutrient value.

It’s time to bring those old desserts new life (literally) by switching up the ingredients…replacing old traditional ingredients like white sugar, white flour, unhealthy fats and carbs with healthier alternatives. Top all that off with “no bake” raw recipes and you’ve got the formula for super health.

Using raw foods or expanding their roles in your diet is critical for long-term health. Raw foods are “living foods”…when you eat “live” foods you ad “life” to your life…when you eat “dead” foods you subtract from your life. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that. Raw foods are literally alive with “sunlight”…the basis of life.

Raw foods also offer us another important element that helps to maintain our health…enzymes. We are continually using up our supply of enzymes and need to replace them or we will become more susceptible to aging, disease and premature death. Unfortunately when we cook foods we also “cook” out and destroy many of the enzymes. Enzymes actually make the other foods we eat more easily digestible.

Try these tips for shifting your nutritionally void “sweet treats” to “nutrient dense sweet treats” made using health boosting ingredients…

Switch Your Carb Game:

Fruit: Fruits are the perfect replacement for sugar. All fruits offer natural sweeteners whether whole or blended. All berries, bananas, and apples are popular choices to blend into batters, make sauces or frozen treats. Dates are awesome and the perfect sweetener for your base as are raisins, sultanas or apricots. You’ll not only benefit from the vitamins and minerals offered, but your added bonus is antioxidants and fiber.

Flour: No longer are we stuck with only “white flour”…there are now dozens of high fiber, high protein options that are gluten free. Buckwheat flour, rice flour and almond flour are perfect examples and great substitutes for over processed dead white flour. If you’re looking to add fiber and lower cholesterol try ground oatmeal.

Healthier Fats:

Rather than add heavy hitters like butter, cream and milk, opt for these:

Avocado: This fruit is one of the best ways to add healthy fat to your raw desserts and treats. Easily replaces butter and eggs, provides health-healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats, along with 5 grams of protein and 15 grams of fiber per cup.

Flax and Chia seeds: These two little health warriors provide important omega-3’s and fiber to your desserts. They are grain-free and gluten free and are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Flax seeds unlike Chia seeds must be ground first before using. Both flax and chia add natural, unrefined carbohydrate energy into the bloodstream and keep you feeling fuller longer.

Adopting new healthier raw ingredients for your desserts will not only contribute to your health now and long-term but raw food actually allows excess body fat to melt away.

How’s that for an added bonus?

Raw foods are the easiest to prepare…the most natural of all – unprocessed, succulent, vibrant, full of life and nourishment with no gap between the life giving forces of the plant and the living forces in our bodies.

You body will love you for it!

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