Are You Contributing to the Health of Your Cells?


aisle of destructionClean eating simply involves choosing foods that are closest to their natural state…those that have not been tampered with, changed or modified from what nature created. It also involves maximizing the nutrition available in foods.

Calories don’t count…they are irrelevant…the foods you eat are more complex than just the calories contained in it. If you are obsessive about counting calories it’s because you’ve been duped by marketing and you are watching too many of those “info-commercials.”

Our bodies are not designed to consume man-made concoctions. Shrink-wrapped, boxed, frozen and bagged creations…no matter how fancy the packaging or pretty the box is not the answer to optimal health and weight.

Food that has undergone serious manufacturing becomes nutritionally devoid and does nothing to boost your body’s metabolism. Preservatives, artificial ingredients and a great deal of salt and sugar is often added to “processed” foods to make them appeal to our palate.

These foods provide nothing but empty useless calories that do nothing to support your health but a lot to destroy it. They are processed to extend their shelf-life.

What does that contribute to…your health or the bank accounts of the manufacturers? I think you know the answer to that one.

Unfortunately, advertisers fool most consumers with their sneaky marketing. Believe me, these pros know how to push your buttons and even those taking an interest in health are getting fooled into believing that granola bars, fortified cereals and drinks are actually good for you when in reality they are on the same scale of nutrition that a box of Twinkies is.

The strange thing about all of this is that even though these processed “junk” foods steal away health and leave us feeling awful, lethargic and gaining excess body fat…people continue on doing the same things and eating the same junk foods. It’s as though delicious, high calorie, fast and convenient foods lure us into some sort of web that entangles us in bad habits that eventually seem normal to us.

However, we can’t get away with these destructive actions forever. Eventually this kind of “poor” nutrition…of feeding our bodies low quality foods prevents the body’s cells and tissues from receiving necessary nutrients and eventually negatively affects the overall performance.

Human bodies are fine-tuned machines that need regular maintenance just like a car and it’s amazing how people will spend hours spit-shining their cars and put all kinds of maintenance into them to make sure they run smoothly but not give their own body the same kind of loving attention and treatment.

If you don’t give your car the required fluids it needs…good oil and fuel for example, it will start to “act up” and eventually shut down altogether. Your body does the same thing.

Microscopic cells are constantly working together performing the many important functions of the metabolism that keep the human body alive and healthy.

Ignore your body’s needs, keep it up long enough and your cell membranes may become damaged and lose their ability to transfer needed proteins, nutrients, and wastes into and out of the cell.

You’ll experience symptoms such as lethargy, regular headaches, a cold or flu, aches and pains, and a body that just does not feel well.

Although genetic dispositions and abnormalities can cause disease, the most common cause of disease and illness is the result of prolonged deprivation of appropriate nutrients to the cells in the body. It may take a while before the serious damage shows but are you willing to wait for that moment?

Isn’t it time to get serious about what you feed your body now?

Here’s a list of the 12 worst junk foods: (foods you need to be avoiding)

Ice cream and frozen treats

“Fizzy” drinks, energy drinks and soda

Candy and sweets

Hot dogs, fast food burgers

Cookies, biscuits and cakes

Potato chips and other man made snacks

Fruit drinks and packet fruit drink mixes

Donuts and pastries

White bread and buns

Sausage and luncheon “meats”

Processed meats such as chicken nuggets

Sugar laden breakfast cereals that pretend to be healthy

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