Clean Eating is Your Body’s Best Defense Against Disease


clean eatingInvisible to the naked eye are microscopic cells that work together performing the many important functions of the metabolism that keep the body alive and healthy.

Lethargy, regular headaches, catching colds and flu’s easy and often, experiencing aches and pains or generally not feeling well are all “warning signs” of what’s ahead if your cell membranes have become damaged and lost their ability to transfer much needed proteins, nutrients and wastes into and out of your cells.

These warning signs become louder and louder as more and more cells function at a reduced capacity. Eventually if they exist for an extended period of time there is an increased risk of serious disease or illness as a result of prolonged deprivation of appropriate nutrient to the cells of the body.

Whether your symptoms are major or minor they are all signs that your cells are not able to do their job the way they were created to.

Although genetic dispositions and abnormalities both play roles in the onset of disease, without a doubt, the most common diseases rampant in the world today are directly related to obesity.

Obesity develops from poor lifestyle choices that include poor nutrition and not enough exercise. Lifestyles that embrace high calorie, fast, convenient foods slowly get entangled in a web of bad habits that eventually over time seem normal.

Truth is this web slowly binds us, steals our energy and limits our vitality eventually downgrading our health and the quality of our lives. The most surprising aspect of all of this is that even though people feel awful, become lethargic and keep piling on body fat with this type lifestyle diet, they continue down the same road eating more and more of the same junk.

Junk foods have little to no nutritional value and they do not boost your metabolism. They provide empty calories. Eating low quality junk foods on a regular basis will eventually damage your long term health.

Processed foods are those that have been heavily manufactured in order to be self-friendly. They rarely resemble anything that nature might produce. Crackers, cookie, cakes, biscuits, breaks, bottled beverages, granola bars (yep), packet drinks all fall into this category.

Whereas nature’s bounty is meant to dress your body beautifully, the only thing beautiful about processed foods is the packaging they come in. Many man hours and a lot of money goes into creating those beautiful, tempting, artfully created packages that are meant to push your “buy” button.

Foods that are manufactured become nationally devoid. An enormous amount of artificial ingredients are added to these foods so they stay fresh for extended periods of time. Adding unnecessary sugar and salt is also often added to pump up the flavor so they taste better.

You can never experience real health until you honor your body and give it the nutrients it needs. When you eat from nature’s bounty you provide your body with “living foods” …those that provide life rather than steal it away. They are Mother Nature’s bounty. The come from life…so they provide life.

Processed and junk foods are artificially devised…they cannot offer life because they are dead themselves.

Eating clean means choosing fresh fruits and vegetables (that haven’t been tampered with…organic is always best). It’s about maximizing the nutrition available in food. The flesh, skin and juice of fruits and veggies all work together to protect the body from damage and disease so to leave any of these substances out is to shortchange your health.

Always try to eat them in their whole form…skin and all for maximum nutritional benefit.

Fruits and vegetables are perfect ingredients to use in your no-bake snacks and treats. They add flavor, texture and moisture to all the dishes they are invited to.

Here’s 100 Sugar, Gluten and White flour free raw snack and dessert recipes your whole family will love. “50 Healthy Raw Treats” volume one and two.