Raw Foods Contribute to a Healthy Alkaline Body


Alkaline-HealthThe term acid and alkaline in regards to food refer to the pH/acid or alkaline of the ash that is left after food is burned. The term pH stands for “potential hydrogen” meaning the measure of hydrogen ions in a particular solution and in the case of our bodies, it refers to our body’s tissues and fluids.

Excess acidity is not healthy…in fact it is bad for you and can cause stiff muscles, headaches and other common ailments. Although excess acidity is more often the problem, excess alkalinity is not good for you either and can cause muscle spasm and anxiety.

The majority of raw-foods are alkaline forming foods with the exception of fermented foods like raw sauerkraut, pickles etc. which are acid forming.

Foods that are considered alkaline in nature are foods that make you more alkaline after you’ve digested them. Not all raw foods are alkalizing foods and some foods that are considered acid actually increase your pH. Lemons are a perfect example of that. They are acid before you eat them but alkalizing to your body after you’ve digested them.

Alkaline balance is critical to stellar health and people are beginning to understand the long-term ramifications of disease-inducing processed foods. Processed foods create an acidic environment in our bodies. This is the exact environment that cancer, heart disease and other ailments require and thrive in.

The current popular raw-food diet gains much of its reputation to the fact that raw foods crate an alkaline environment in the body which is important for a healthy immune system and to keep disease at bay.

It’s a pretty simple equation, healthy food produces health while unhealthy food produces disease. By eating a more alkaline diet…one filled with leafy greens, fruits and veggies, sprouts, avocados, and healthy smoothies we create an alkaline environment in our bodies. By flooding our bodies with chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins and oxygen from fresh raw foods we create healthy cells…cells that are full of life.

We all know how important it is that we stay hydrated. It boosts energy, helps keep our system properly cleansed and our immune system humming at peak performance. Drink a refreshing glass of lemon water every morning. This drenches your cells in alkalinity. Simply fill a glass with two cups of lukewarm water and squeeze in ¼ fresh lemon.

Eat more raw foods and drink green smoothies and juices. They help to alkalize the body.

Cancer cells, viruses and bacteria along with other nasty microorganisms hate oxygen preferring instead to live in a highly acidic environment like animal products, processed refined foods and foods filled that are chemically altered.

Although diet can be considered a primary player in the acid/alkaline war, it’s not the only factor that effects pH. Not surprising, lack of exercise, intense anger, drug and cigarette use all create inflammation and acidity in the body. Stress is no laughing matter either and cannot be overlooked as a major contributor in creating acidity in the body.

All the raw vegetables, nuts, seeds and fresh fruits found in the recipes of “Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats” are all alkaline foods that you can enjoy in abundance.