Raw Foods Contribute to a Healthier, Happier You…


raw foodsIf you have’t tried your hand at enjoying and implementing “raw foods” into your diet it might be time you did. Even if you don’t choose to go totally “raw” with every morsel you put into your mouth you will benefit from the times you are enjoying these foods.

A raw food diet is one where the majority of your dietary intake comes from uncooked vegetables and fruits combined with seeds nuts, and sprouted grains.

Foods are considered “raw” when the temperature used to prepare them is below 108 degrees Fahrenheit or totally left in the raw state and not subjected to any temperature.

Raw foods diet is an alkaline diet and keeping the body in the correct ph balance  is ultimately important to experiencing stellar health. An alkaline diet helps create a balanced body by allowing the body to utilize all the nutrients and oxygen in the blood. It releases damaging waste products from our cells and adds important minerals to the bones.

The benefits of following a diet that is primarily raw in nature are many. 

Increased energy: A boost in your energy is one of the first things you will experience when you begin to enjoy raw foods.

Quality sleep: A good nights sleep is mandatory to functioning in a positive, effective manner the next day. You cannot think clearly if your mind is fuzzy.

Improved Skin Appearance: Your skin is the largest organ and it definitely benefits from a diet of primarily raw foods. You’ll not only have more energy but you will begin to look fresher and younger in appearance.

Weight-loss: A raw food diet is one that is comprised of “high water” foods…(except for nuts and seeds) These foods, these veggies and fruits are low in calories compared to dead processed and foods with additives. Less calories in means less weight on and you begin to shed that excess weight you’ve been toting around for years. And, the best thing of all…because they don’t contain unnecessary calories we can fill up and enjoy the foods we eat without the accompanying guilt.

Improved digestion: Because a raw diet does not kill of important digestive enzymes with high heat, your digestive system benefits too and your body is freed up to use its existing enzymes for other important body functions. They also contain lots of fiber that keeps the digestive tract clean and humming perfectly.

Prevents Disease: Raw food diets have actually been shown to reduce the risk of developing serious life-threatening disease such as diabetes (which is rampant), heart disease, and cancer. Raw foods are loaded with antioxidants…the body’s warriors against damaging free radicals. Free radicals damage healthy cells that eventually over time mutate or die.

As with all shifts in lifestyle, the keyword is patience. Nothing happens overnight. The present condition you find yourself in did not happen overnight and neither will your total shift to health and vitality happen overnight. Each person is different depending on what their current state of health is. If you’ve experienced years of nutrient poor eating, you may already have accumulated some health issues… you must give your body time to sort it out and benefit from your new lifestyle. So, just be patient.

Healthy eating begins with learning how to ‘eat smart’ and “eat better’ its never been about eating less.  

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