Raw Foods are Enzyme Rich Sunlight in our Bodies


4dessertsAlthough it is not mandatory that your whole diet be raw in nature, if you expect to live a long healthy life then introducing some raw foods into your diet is critical.

Foods that are considered “living” are foods that have been grown in soil and then harvested. In other words…plant life. Living food is not cooked either…not to the degree that it destroys the enzymes that would otherwise be destroyed by high heat. This means that “living foods” are usually served uncooked or raw.

Raw foods are foods that are in their natural living state and can be added to you diet without first being cooked. They have not been processed, cooked, heated or altered from their natural state in any way. These include raw nuts, seeds, vegetables sprouted grains, and beans.

Nuts, although in their dormant state are considered live foods because when soaked in water and given the right environment of water, warmth and light their life force (enzymes that give instructions at the cellular level that assist us in digesting our food properly) are activated and they sprout.

Living and raw foods both contain numerous enzymes, however the enzyme content in living foods is much higher.

Cooked foods on the other hand have been stripped of their valuable enzymes…enzymes you just paid good money for. Our bodies require foods rich in active enzymes in order to function properly and since they continue to deplete their own enzyme reserves they must be constantly replenished. Without a healthy supply of enzymes we are more susceptible to aging, disease and premature death.

The rising issue of gluten intolerance can be largely explained by the fact that wheat is not sprouted before it is cooked so the gluten (which is part of the cell structure) becomes indigestible and toxic to those who are especially vulnerable to it.

If you first sprout your wheat before cooking at low temperatures below 112 degrees Fahrenheit, it remains alive when you eat it.

Both sprouted wheat and rye breads (famously known as Essene bread because the Essenes cooked their breads after sprouting the grains on a rock in the sun) can be made this way and they are unbelievable good. They contribute to your health rather than causing a toxic reaction.

Raw foods are the easiest of all to prepare…they are unprocessed, succulent, vibrant and full of life giving nutrients. Because they are “alive” their life forces are transferred to our bodies.

Living foods could be called “sunlight” foods because nature in the way of sun, air, soil and rain has done all the work and we gain all the benefit.

Incorporating more raw foods into your diet allows excess body fat to melt away. It introduces more enzymes into your diet that helps make other foods you consume more digestible which in turn provides your body with a wide range of nutrients to choose from as opposed to what you could gain from cooked foods. Further benefits are clearer skin and eyes, increased energy levels, improved sense of well-being and total satisfaction without overeating

Experimenting and preparing healthy raw snacks and desserts is a great way to introduce yourself and your family to the raw food world. And, you won’t have to deal with the “guilt gremlins” when you done. The only thing you’ll hear…is compliments.

Your food choices can reduce your risk of illnesses as well as boost your energy, sharpen your memory and stabilize your mood. You can expand your range of healthy food choices by including healthy snack recipes and still maintain a satisfying, healthy diet. Healthy eating begins with learning how to ‘eat smart’ and ‘eating better’ not eating less.  

But be aware, trying to make your daily diet healthy overnight isn’t realistic or smart. Doing too much too soon can cause you to give up on your new eating plan as it is simply too hard. Make small steps, like adding one or two healthy snack recipes in between your meals just know that every healthy food choice you make counts.

Here’s 100 Raw, Sugar, Gluten and White flour free snack and dessert recipes your whole family will love. “50 Healthy Raw Treats” volume one and two.