Healthy Snack Recipes – Sweet Treats For You


Healthy Snacks Recipes

Your stomach is growling but the next meal time is hours away. You could indulge yourself with a snack but think it would be best to grit your teeth and wait for your proper meal.Well, I have good news for you, although you may feel guilty about snacking between meals, snacks aren’t necessarily bad and in fact can help you manage your hunger, control your weight and contribute to your health.

Modern healthy eating plans allow for well-planned snacks and serve the purpose of reducing bingeing and overeating when to many hours have passed between meals. One way to make sure this concept works well for you is to avoid low quality processed and refined snacks and treats like candy, potato chips, popcorn and soda and swap them for healthy snack recipes that you make yourself.

Easy to make and easy to eat healthy snack recipes

I have compiled an ebook full of healthy snack recipes and this is where you will find the most mouth-watering healthy alternatives for the nutrient-devoid options that we see everywhere around us. You only have to go into a supermarket to see their shelves are groaning under the weight of so many of these useless ‘so called’ food items.

Not only do these non-nutrient snacks do nothing for your health they also are full of chemicals and additives that build up in our bodies making us sick when our body becomes overloaded with toxins. An ebook dedicated to healthy snack recipes is one way to get around this, swapping out some of this junk for some healthy alternatives that you can feel good about putting into your own body and those of your children.

Most of the snack foods that we can buy are high in calories, full of empty carbohydrates and devoid of any meaningful nutrition yet it has been estimated that we get around 25 percent of our daily calorie intake from these type of junk food. We have increased our consumption of them by more than a third since the late 1980’s. Is it any wonder that two thirds of us are overweight and many of us are sick?

How can we feel good about chowing down this stuff and even worse feeding it to our families? There is nothing in these junk type foods but empty carbohydrates of the very worst kind. They are all made from inexpensive, highly refined ingredients such as bleached white flour, corn meal, corn syrup and sugar and loaded with chemicals that would make your hair stand on end if you knew what they were doing to your body.

Even worse, they usually contain partially hydrogenated oil (also known as trans fats), a dangerous substance that is a major culprit in clogged arteries and the current epidemic of heart disease that is killing 2600 Americans every day.

This is where healthy snack recipes come in. You can have all the pleasure and enjoyment out of sweet yummy items but you will feel so much better knowing they contribute to health not take away from it. Ingredients like nuts, seeds, coconut, dried and fresh fruit and even vegetables combined together to make the most delicious treats.

Healthy snack recipes will help you out of the junk food jungle

Healthy eating begins with learning how to ‘eat smart’ and ‘eating better’ not eating less.  Your food choices can reduce your risk of illnesses as well as boosting your energy, sharpen your memory and stabilize your mood. You can expand your range of healthy food choices by including healthy snack recipes and still maintain a satisfying, healthy diet.

But be aware, trying to make your daily diet healthy overnight isn’t realistic or smart. Doing too much too soon can cause you to give up on your new eating plan as it is simply too hard. Make small steps, like adding one or two healthy snack recipes in between your meals just know that every healthy food choice you make counts.