Chocolate No Bake Cookies – Food Of The Gods


Orange Goji Berry White Chocolate

If you have never tried raw chocolate you are in for a treat. It’s more than just a sweet treat it’s a super-food with increasingly well-documented health benefits. The very name of one of the active chemical components in chocolate – theobromine is derived from the word theos – which is the same word root as theology. This will give you a hint of just how much our ancestors worshipped chocolate. They called it the ‘Food of the Gods”.

Now-a-days it has been given less favorable status as it is often spoiled by unhealthy sugars, fats and chemicals, then heated and processed destroying all of it healthy features. But more people are seeking healthful chocolate no bake cookies and bars without all the added sugars and milk fat. And yes, you can make delicious chocolate creations that are not junk and contain pure ingredients with potent nutritional benefits.

Chocolate no bake cookies are an easy way to bump up your nutrition

We are starting to hear how we should all be getting some more raw and uncooked foods into our daily diet and making yourself or your family something yummy like chocolate no bake cookies or candy is one way of achieving this.

Just swapping out some cooked processed stuff for a couple of raw uncooked snacks each day will allow you to increase your intake of healthy nutrients, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Although today we are just going to be looking at chocolate no bake cookies and candy you can actually make dozens of snack type recipes that require no cooking or baking. They typically use natural whole food ingredients like nuts, seeds, coconut, fresh and dried fruit and vegetables.

Here is the mouth-watering chocolate no bake cookies recipe that is so quick and easy to prepare you will want to make it often.

Orange Goji Berry White Chocolate
Ingredients: ½ cup melted cacao butter, 1 cup raw cashews, ½ cup agave nectar, ½ cup cacao nibs, ½ cup dried goji berries,  zest from 1 orange

Method: Place cashews in food processor or blender and blend till broken up and crumbly (do not over process), add cacao butter and agave nectar and blend again till well combined.

Mix in by hand the cacao nibs, goji berries and orange zest. Spread in a glass pie plate and chill in fridge until firm.

Isn’t this a delicious sounding recipe? And to boot it is full of good things that you can feel happy about putting into your body and the bodies of your children. It will give you a chocolate high without the blood sugar problems found in sugary chocolate bars.

Get your own chocolate no bake cookies recipes

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