Best Raw Snacks – Where You Can Find Them


Lemon Chewies

If you are eating the standard Western diet of cooked and processed food you may be looking for a way to make a healthy change so you will feel better, feel less tired and get rid of a few if not all of your health ailments. Many people have found that adding more living foods (also called raw foods) to their diet each day greatly benefits their health.

One way to be able to do this is easily is to find the best raw snacks and make some for yourself so you can eat them between meals when energy levels are flagging during a long day at work or school. When you have more energy you can be more active and participate in physical activities that make life more enjoyable and ‘fun’.  

The best raw snacks give you more energy to really live life

With more energy you could go hiking or swimming, play tennis or golf and go for a bike ride out in the country. These are the things that make life complete but if you are low in energy it is hard to motivate yourself to be this active.

The best raw snacks are made from natural whole food ingredients like nuts, seeds, coconut, dried and fresh fruits and vegetables. None of these things need to be cooked so you can create wonderful no bake snacks, cookies and desserts to die for. These yummy treats look and taste better than any cooked creation and are so much better for you.

Along with the raw and living ingredients in the very best raw snacks there is no sugar, unhealthy fat or any harmful chemicals. So you can eat as much as you like. But you will find they are quite rich and a few mouthfuls are enough to satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

Here is an example of one of my best raw snacks. Simple and quick to make and will rival any cooked recipe.

Lemon Chewies


2 cup cashews, zest from 2 lemons, juice from 2 lemons, 1/2 ripe banana, ½ cup honey or agave nectar (or any other sweetener), 2 cups shredded coconut, 1 teaspoon vanilla


Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. Form into little round cookie shapes by hand and place in the fridge to set.

You will agree this recipe couldn’t be simpler, and it is so delicious you will make it again and again. Eating more of these healthy foods in the form of the very best raw snacks you will experience bonuses that you do not expect. Clearer skin, healthy shiny hair, aches and pains disappear, and excess body fat starts to melt away.

How you can get your own best raw snacks

I have put together an eBook of the very best raw snacks and treats that I can muster and you can access them easily so you can create them for yourself and your family. Just go back to the home page of this website and you will see my ‘100 Healthy Snacks and Treats’ recipes in an instantly downloadable affordable eBook.

Once you are creating your own healthy snacks you will not want to go back to the store bought kind that are full of unhealthy sugars, fats and chemicals. Do yourself and your body a favor and the bodies of your children by only feeding them the very best raw snacks recipes.